About Us

At Realise, we improve the performance of companies and the lives of the people who work in them.

Drawing on cutting-edge research from behavioural economics, psychology and neuroscience, we work to tackle all issues relating to employee wellbeing and development.

Crucially, our services are designed to suit today’s employees and what is most effective. All of our sessions are concise to fit with hectic schedules and what we know about shrinking attention spans. We make our sessions as easy to fit into someone’s diary as a meeting.


  • - Healthy & Safety Executive -
  • “45% of working days lost are due to stress”

    - ”Workplace -
  • “Managers spend at least 25% of their time resolving workplace conflicts”

    - The University of Oklahoma -
  • “Skills in critical thinking and analysis have declined as our use of technology has increased”

    - UCLA -