Our Services

We deliver a range of contemporary training solutions focused on individuals and managers to improve overall company performance.

INDIVIDUALS – Understand + change behaviour

To step change company-wide performance, every employee should have ongoing access to training. Here, at Realise, we make it easy for you to offer development opportunities to everyone in a concise and effective way.

INTENSIVES – 1 hour – up to 40 people

WELLBEING CONSULTATIONS – 20 minutes – private

DROP-IN COACHING – 30 minutes – private


MANAGERS – Identify + coach behaviour

Managers are uniquely positioned to be able to transform both the direction of a company and the individuals within it. Through our training, your managers will learn new ways to develop and motivate their employees, shift cultures, make things happen and identify opportunities for personal growth.

MASTERCLASSES – 2.5 hours – up to 20 people

THE THRIVING LEADER – 8 weeks – private


Short, specific and sharp 1 hour sessions focused around particular skills or topics.

Corporate Wellbeing Workshops


In-depth training to help managers recognise and change behaviours in both themselves and their teams.


Private consultations and assessments to address the key needs of individual employees.



Impactful and bespoke solutions for your employees.