Time-strapped managers often find themselves defaulting to an old- school management approach: tell rather than ask. But solving problems instead of helping people find their own solutions perpetuates bottle-necks and firefighting.

Learning how to coach is the most effective way to lead. When managers coach they build stronger, more focused teams and get better results. It also allows them to work less hard and have more impact.

This is a great introductory session we would recommend for all managers. It helps them to understand what a coaching mindset is and how to adopt it – leading to a dramatic shift in their management style.

“Organisations whose managers coach demonstrate 21% higher revenues than their competitors”

- Training Magazine


  • Understand what coaching is and why it matters
  • The benefits of a coaching approach in your management style
  • Common management style pitfalls
  • Key coaching behaviours - including listening
  • Exploration of models and tools attached to each coaching behaviour
  • Power coaching questions
  • Practical exercises to further explore behaviours
  • How to make coaching a habit