Our digital usage and consumption is at crisis point. We now spend more time online than sleeping (Ofcom) and our attention spans are shorter than those of a goldfish (Microsoft Corp). As a result, our productivity and stress levels suffer, and we feel like we are not accomplishing anything. Beyond that, comparing our lives to the unachievable ideals painted in the digital world makes us feel a little disheartened.

In this session, work with us to develop a balanced behaviour around digital, enhancing all aspects of your life.
“I don't let technology take me away from my everyday interactions and experiences...from life”

- Ryan Holmes, CEO, Hootsuite


  • How our brains have changed with the rise of digital
  • Good habits around digital that you can apply in a practical way
  • Practical ways to reduce consumption
  • Work techniques to avoid digital distraction
  • A step-by-step digital detox plan