The ability to understand, motivate and direct individuals and teams is a critical management skill. Too often though, team performance is dealt with inadequately or not at all. Managers are so burdened by their own workloads they don’t take time to step back and consider their team’s contributions. Furthermore, team mentoring and reviews are often just confined to formal and infrequent appraisals.

In this session, managers will learn how to develop the effective techniques needed to drive team performance and motivate others.

“68% of employees who receive accurate and consistent feedback feel fulfilled in their jobs”

- Clutch


  • Characteristics of a high performing team
  • Role of a team leader in driving performance
  • Developing and inspiring your team with a vision
  • Methods to keep your team motivated, and learning what motivates them
  • Leveraging your team's strengths
  • Turning around poor performance
  • Providing impactful feedback and rewarding great work
  • Fostering continuous learning and development